Eighth Air Force (Heavy BG) Losses During World War II

This is a list of bomber losses suffered by the Eighth Air Force in World War II. These have been compiled from a number of sources including: “The Mighty Eighth: A History of the Units, Men and Machines of the US 8th Air Force“, by Roger Freeman, 1986, Arms and Armour. The intention is to show the depth of loss that the Second World War caused within the Eighth Air Force.  I hope to add a similar table for RAF and perhaps even Luftwaffe losses later as a comparison.

If you click on the highlighted Station name, it will take you to the relevant Trail within the blog.

Bomb Group Primary Station Main Bomber
34th Mendelsham B-17 170 34/39
44th Shipdham B-24 343 153/39
91st Bassingbourn B-17 340 197/0
92nd Podington B-17 308 154/0
93rd Hardwick B-24 396 100/40
94th Bury St. Edmunds B-17 324 153/27
95th Horham B-17 320 157/39
96th Snetterton Heath B-17 321 189/50
97th*1 Polebrook B-17 14 4/0
100th Thorpe Abbots B-17 306 177/52
301st*1 Chelveston B-17 8 1/0
303rd Molesworth B-17 364 165/0
305th Chelveston B-17 337 154/0
306th Thurieigh B-17 342 171/0
322nd(M)*1 Bury St Edmunds B-26 34 12/0
323rd(M)*1 Horham B-26 33 3/0
351st Polebrook B-17 311 175/0
379th Kimbolton B-17 330 141/0
381st Ridgewell B-17 296 131/0
384th Grafton Underwood B-17 314 159/0
385th Great Ashfield B-17 296 129/0
386th(M)*1 Boxted B-26 30 6/0
387th(M)*1 Chipping Ongar B-26 29 2/0
388th Knettishall B-17 306 142/37
389th Hethel B-24 321 116/37
390th Framlingham B-17 300 144/32
392nd Wendling B-24 285 127/57
398th Nuthampstead B-17 195 58/0
401st Deenethrope B-17 255 95/0
445th Tibenham B-24 282 108/25
446th Bungay B-24 273 58/28
447th Rattlesden B-17 257 97/43
448th Seething B-24 262 101/34
452nd Deopham Green B-17 250 110/48
453rd Old Buckenham B-24 259 58/0
457th Glatton B-17 237 83/0
458th Horsham St. Faith B-24 240 47/18
466th Attlebridge B-24 232 47/24
467th Rackheath B-24 212 29/19
482nd*2 Alconbury B-17 246 7/0
486th Sudbury B-17 188 33/24
487th Lavenham B-17 185 48/37
489th Halesworth B-24 106 29/12
490th Eye B-17 158 22/32
491st Metfield B-24 187 47/23
492nd North Pickenham B-24 64 51/6
493rd Debach B-17 158 41/31
Total 11,024 4214/853

I did come across this file on Tony Wood’s website http://www.ww2.dk/wood.html A downloadable  document listing German losses of JG2 between 1940-42.


*MIA/Other loses

*1 Initially flew under the control of the Eighth AF, later transferred to other Air Forces. These figures are those incurred whilst under the Eighth.

*2 Primarily used to test radar devices, and train pathfinder crews.

4 thoughts on “Eighth Air Force (Heavy BG) Losses During World War II

    • Hi Ken. These figures are based primarily on the Freeman statistics, corroborated where possible with other sources. ‘Other losses’ include loses such as accidents, or where the crew survived e.g. P.O.W., crashes on landing etc. They hopefully help as a guide to overall losses within the various groups. Hope this helps.


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