New Trail 9 – RAF North Pickenham and RAF Watton

This trail goes to the  former RAF North Pickenham (USAAF Station 143), used by the Mighty Eighth Air Force and RAF for trials for the Kestrel VTOL aircraft – forerunner of the Harrier.

In addition, we travel to RAF Watton (USAAF Station 376) to see how housing has taken over this former RAF and USAAF base that led the way in electronic warfare and countermeasures. Read more…



Trail 8 – RAF Methwold, Desert Rats Memorial and RAF Bodney

Trail 8 is the first part of a three-day trail around Swaffham.

We take in RAF Methwold built close to Thetford Forest, home to New Zealand and Australian crews. It was also used prior to D-Day for the storage of Horsa gliders.

We visit the memorial to the Desert Rats whilst they undertook preparation for D-Day, the only time they were stationed in the UK. Then we move to RAF Bodney (USAAF Station 141), home to the ‘Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney’ of the USAAF, who had a reputation as fierce as their title. Read more…

Bodney's water tower

Bodney’s water tower