A new Memorial for Wellington Z8863

Wellington Z8863, a MK.I ‘KO-G’ based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, crashed whilst on a training flight on November 24th, 1941. A new memorial is planned to commemorate the loss of all those on board, and the organisers are looking for anyone who may know of the crewmen involved.

The aircraft, is said to have crashed in the Marshalling yards at March, Cambridgeshire now part of the high security Whitemoor Prison.

The crew, along with three members of ground staff, were all killed during the exercise, as the Wellington collided with railway wagons on a low flying exercise over the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Whilst there are no records in the Operational Record Book of the crash, it is recorded in Chorley’s Bomber Command Losses for November 24th, 1941.

The aircraft with this crew, had been on operations earlier that month, and on this day, they had taken the ground crew with them for air experience.

A team based at HMP Whitemoor have got together to organise the memorial near to the nature reserve at the Prison. The plan is to have a tree, with a plaque for each member of the crew and a further tree for the squadron.

The team, led by Mark Twiddy, have tried contacting relatives of the crew, and have succeeded in one case so far, but are hopeful of contacting others.  Anyone who has links to them should contact Mark at wellingtonZ8863@gmail.com

Those on board that day were:

Pilot: Sgt. George Robert Bruce (s/n: 929001), Age 20, Watford North Cemetery, Sec. B. Cons. Grave 258. Son of George William and Edith Isabel Bruce, of Watford.

Pilot: Sgt. Percival Miles Taylor (s/n: 1007315), Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery, Sec. 11. C. of E. Grave 828. Son of William and Gertrude Constance Taylor. of Wallasey, Cheshire.

Observer: Sgt. Henry Norman O’Shea (s/n: 929820), Age 29, Caerleon (St. Cadoc) Churchyard North part. Son of Henry and Alice O’shea husband of Clarice O’shea, of Caerleon.

Wireless Op./Air Gunner: Sgt. Percy George Crosbie (s/n: 923910), Marham Cemetery,  War Graves Plot. Grave 9. (no recorded relatives)

Wireless Op./Air Gunner: Sgt. William Myrddin Evans (s/n: 929623), Age 29, Ammanford (Bethany) Calvinistic Methodist Chapelyard, Sec. 7. Grave 13. Son of James and Emily Evans; husband of Brenda Evans, of Ammanford.

Air Gunner: Sgt. Ernest Alfred Lawrence (s/n:1378013), Age 27, Marham Cemetery War Graves Plot. Grave 10. Son of Thomas Arthur and Mary Ann Lawrence; husband of Nellie Lawrence, of West Hougham, Kent.

Sgt. Jack Dix (s/n:936940), Age 31, Marham Cemetery War Graves Plot. Grave 11. Husband of Lillian Margaret Dix, of Lincoln.

Cpl. James Crosby Fox (s/n:956797), Age 21, Southwell Minster Burial Ground, Son of George and Susan Fox, of Southwell.

AC2 Gordon Sydney Wakefield (s/n:1215618), Age 19, Wisbech (Mount Pleasant) Cemetery, Western Div. 3. Grave 4.Son of Sidney and Hilda Vera Wakefield, of Wisbech

The story appeared in the Cambs Times Newspaper 6th July 2020

8 thoughts on “A new Memorial for Wellington Z8863

  1. we walk in this area constantly, the memorial is in situ, is visited by many people, alway’s someone looking and reading the description, a fitting tribute to the men lost in this tragic crash, a very lonely,very dark place at night, on quite a high place in low lying Fenland fields, R.I.P.

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  2. I wish them all the luck in the world in tracing these men. I would suggest a letter to the local newspaper or perhaps, trying to find the local library’s archive department and asking them to look at their old newspapers on computer. Alternatively, you could pay for a month on the British Newspaper Archive at


    Actually, that sounds rather fun!

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