A gathering of like minded people. 

I do enjoy and appreciate contact from fellow enthusiasts and followers of aviation (and military) related blogs.  There are a good many people out there willing to share stories of family and friends and promote the dedication and bravery of those who went before us. It’s heart warming to know that a large number of people want to keep the memories alive, share ideas and thoughts, and even discuss the days of old through personal stories or experiences. So when a fellow ‘enthusiast’ contacts me I do tend to get quite excited.

A number of followers and ‘bloggers’ have kindly offered to meet up, give tours round their local airfields, share photos and even get together for a gossip and chat over a beer or two. This I always find amazing and I have managed to meet up with some already and others are in the pipeline!

With this in mind, I was recently contacted by one such enthusiast who suggested a meeting up of like-minded people at the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.  For those who don’t know, the hotel was used as an officers mess by the crews of the 617 Sqn (RAF) otherwise known as the ‘Dambusters’ during WWII. They have retained a large collection of articles and photos from those days which casual visitors can peruse and photograph.

Woodall Spa also has the Thorpe Camp museum on part of the old base, an impressive memorial (two memorials in fact)  and RAF Coningsby a stones throw away. It is also not far from the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby where Lancaster “Just Jane”, Halifax “Friday the 13th” and a C47 all reside.

If you are interested in such a gathering, very informal, a chat and a wander then please email me via the link and ‘register’ an interest with a suggested approx month or time of year.

It would be lovely to meet more of you who share a common interest in this fascinating area of history.