“Ready or Not” Station 130, RAF Glatton

Not a usual post for Aviation Trails, but something I felt worth sharing.

I often ‘share’  my experiences with friends and colleagues at work, and was intrigued by a book that was shown to me called “Ready or not – into the Wild Blue” which is a biographical account of a B-17 pilot who flew from RAF Glatton (otherwise known as Conington after the nearby village) during the Second World War.

Glatton was a US base designated Station 130 and was home to the 457th BG. Comprising the 748th, 749th, 750th, and 751st Bomb squadrons. “Ready or not” is a biographical account of one of its pilots, J. Francis Angier Major, (Ret), and takes you through his life from a child to training, posting to Glatton, capture, internment, release and onto his post war service flying for the Vermont National Guard until retirement in 1968.

The book, not specifically about Glatton, contains a number of wartime photos, and for those interested in the base (Trail 6) it provides a first hand account into the crews, aircraft and life on an American base in England, during wartime

An interesting insight into one man’s life both pre, during and post Second World War it is certainly worthy of a read.

Ready or Not – Into the Wild Blue” is published by Old Forge Publishing ISBN: 0-9544507-7-9

Conington aug 2014 second runway markings

One of the Runways at Glatton where, Major Angier would have flown from.


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