Rose coloured plexiglasses

This will make you think again before condemning the F35.

airscape Magazine

Feature image: US Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Mallory S. VanderSchans




This is an article about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Kind of. And from a somewhat different angle… (Oh, and I can’t promise you’ll like it.)


Rose coloured plexiglasses


So have you made up your mind about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter yet? Because if you’re still sitting on the fence, I suspect you’re not short of elbow room. In fact, you’d probably have to shout to exchange views with your neighbour. But then the F-35 seems to attract a lot of shouting.

From the blistering to the glowing, the unending coverage of the troubled/revolutionary (believe what you will) program all seems to lack – what’s that stuff media pundits never want us to have…? Oh yes – perspective.


F-35 inverted F-35B test aircraft BF-2 rolls rolled inverted to reveal AIM-9X Sidewinder (starboard pylon), 25mm gun…

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4 thoughts on “Rose coloured plexiglasses

  1. I have tried to remain very open minded about this aircraft but I have to say my mind keeps coming back to certain problems. My main issue with the RAF/RN aircraft is the decision to buy the F-35B. If it was the go-anywhere Harrier replacement then fine but it is not. Therefore why buy a sub-par product and instead purchase the A/C versions. For the Navy this would mean that their carrier won’t be limited to a single type of aircraft and would give the vessels chance for a longer future

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