A new parking area for the 384th BG memorial Grafton Underwood

Following many months of lobbying, letters and phone calls, a friend of mine, whom I met whilst trailing ‘American Ghosts‘, has finally secured and had built, a new parking area adjacent to the Memorial of the 384th BG at the former airfield, RAF Grafton Underwood (Station 106).

Kevin Fleckner, has maintained the site for some considerable time, which is located on the former airfield at the end of the 6000ft long, No.1 runway, part of which can still be seen in front of the memorial today.

Kevin’s next aim is to get both the ‘Stars ‘n’ Stripes’ and the union Flag raised once more, something that has not happened since the end of hostilities, 70 years ago.

The parking area is now tarmac, with top soil, seed and bollards placed to repair damage done by tractors and other road traffic.

It is accessible by wheelchairs and is a superb memorial, paying tribute the many men and women who served at Grafton Underwood during the Second World War.

My congratulations and thanks go to Kevin, for his dedication and for all the hard work he puts in maintaining the memorial on behalf of us all.

Well done buddy!

Grafton memorial

Grafton memorial


The remains of the No.1 Runway

The memorial is bottom left by the road.

The memorial is bottom left by the road.


The Church memorial window dedicated to the 384th BG


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