The year comes to a close.

It’s been a little quiet on the trials, for me, school work has taken over and it’s been difficult to get out and about. But as the year draws to an end, we can see progress has definitely been made and the blog has taken many steps forward in its development.

Each completed trail reveals many little anecdotes that deserve to be researched further and shared. Personal stories of heroism, dramatic tales of sacrifice and tragedy, each one a story of one individual’s life and death.

There are many people out there who share our interests. Before visiting these wonderful places, I like to see what others have seen before. Their records provide a great reference as to the extent of decay and the loss of these historic sites. It never fails to amaze, how quickly not only developers take over, but Mother Nature herself. A powerful force, she very quickly sows her seeds and before long brambles, bushes and trees reduce these old buildings to rubble.

Many of us believe that the historical impact of these airfields should be much better preserved. I for one, appreciate the need for housing and cost of maintenance etc but there must be a compromise so everybody ‘wins’. One suggestion is that with each development contract there could be a clause to restore, renovate and preserve a small element of each site so that generations to come can witness some small part of what happened in these amazingly emotive places. Perhaps our planners could consider all options before the last remaining sites disappear for ever.

There are currently a number of projects around the UK who are striving to preserve remnants of these sites, some with small successes, but it is all an uphill struggle. It is hoped that by raising awareness and sharing the trails, we can do our small part to help keep the memories of those brave young men and women who fought a war, some a very long way from home, very much alive.

Here’s to 2015, more trails and maybe some revisits, thank you to all those who have read, commented and contributed to the blog, it’s great to have you onboard and to share our common thoughts. We look forward to reaching out to many more in the coming months.

I would like to give a big personal special thank you to Marcella who has helped with much of the research, I know it has become a very big part of her life too and together we have learnt so much about those days back in the 1940s.

A merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year to you all.

Andy and Marcella.


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