The Spitfire & the Lightning – how two British icons met in simulated combat

An absolutely fascinating story of the meeting of two iconic aircraft.

Defence of the Realm

Lightning Spitfire 1963

The pilot of the Mark.XIX Spitfire turned hard to port, his propeller driven aircraft being more nimble in this direction as opposed to starboard because of the direction of the propeller that turned faster than his eyes could see. The ever graceful Spitfire looked every bit like an angry angel whose home was in the sky as it’s wingtips drew long white vortices behind it. The Spitfire’s pilot looked over his left shoulder and saw the jet powered fighter swooping down on him; he knew the jet pilot had got too close and out of position to use his weapons. The attacking jet fighter overshot the Spitfire and even over the roar of the Rolls-Royce Griffon engine just a few feet in front of him the Spitfire pilot could hear the howl of the other aircraft’s two jet engines.

It sounds like an encounter between a Spitfire and Germany’s Me.262…

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