How the B-17 saved his life

A remarkable mans story.

Lest We Forget

From Clarence Simonsen

British Nose Art Link with Americans

My first contact with WWII aircraft nose art came from the American Air Force comics, which I purchased in the mid-1950s. I still have a few I saved these past 65 years, and they make interesting reading even today.

Bill Adams - Copy

The American influence was very strong and at one point I believed the United States had won the war by itself. Fortunately these comics also contained some stories based on actual fact involving the Royal Air Force, but nothing on Canadians or the RCAF in WWII. Almost every comic featured the famous Flying Fortress [B-17] and the nose art of pin-up ladies. The B-17 even appeared in the Korean War fighting Chinese jets.

Bill Adams - Copy (21)

During my last year in the Canadian Army [Provost Corps] I was posted to Cyprus with the United Nations, and painted many cartoons and wall art, which led to…

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