St Clement Danes: The RAF Church

Sounds a fabulous and peaceful place to visit, great pictures too. I’ve reblogged this and put it on my to go to list!

Keep Calm and Remember

On a beautiful, bright day in early June this year, my dad and I went for a walk round the City of London. Actually, our destination was a specific pub for lunch- but, though we were hungry, we couldn’t help but stop when we came across the church of St Clement Danes. Although I knew the song “Oranges and Lemons”, which speaks of St Clement’s, and I’d been to the Strand/Fleet Street area before, I was totally oblivious to the church’s existence there. I also had no idea of St Clement’s association with the RAF.

Crossing the street in front of St Clement’s, I thought that we were simply approaching another pleasant-looking church- there are a lot of old churches in London! The first thing that indicated the contrary was a prominent statue of Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding. Dowding was an instrumental force in RAF Fighter Command during the…

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