Pilot Jack McIntosh – The last Canadian to bomb Peenemunde

A really sad tale of the harsh realities of the air war. Reblogged this on aviation trails.

Lest We Forget

Pilot Jack McIntosh

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A homage written by Clarence Simonsen.


Pilot Jack McIntosh–The last Canadian to bomb Peenemunde
Jack became a friend of mine beginning in the fall 1986, while I was attempting to record the aircraft nose art used by No. 6 RCAF Group during WW II.He invited me to attend the up-coming Moose squadron reunion to be held at Camp Sarcee in July 1987, and I accepted. The reunion was held in a beautiful constructed log building, which was then an active Officer’s Mess for C.F.B. Calgary, on the leased land owned by the Sarcee Indian Reserve. The land had been used for a Canadian militia training base since the summer of 1910, and would remain until 21 June 1997. While taking with Jack, he gazed out across the
vast grass and tree covered ground and stated “This is where my military career all began.”

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