Great reference tool

An amazing collection of words used by the RAF. Know you erks form your acks?

Lest We Forget

I found something most interesting here.

 The Wimpy Song
 Groundcrew – The “Erks”
 Service Timeline of James J. MacIsaac
 Glossary of RAF Slang & Terminology

This is a great reference tool!

 Glossary of RAF Slang & Terminology

A/c: aircraft.

Acc or Trolley Acc: Accumulator (battery) used to start aircraft engines on the ground.

Ack: under the old phonetic alphabet, “Ack” stood for the letter “A”, thus “ack-ack” was “A-A” or anti-aircraft artillery.

Adj.: short form for Adjutant – the administrative assistant to the CO of a squadron.

Air Commode: Air Commodore.

Airscrew: the complete assembly of three or four propellers, hub and spinner.

Aircrew: the men who actually flew the bomber into battle.

A.M.O.: Air Ministry Orders. See “bumph”.

Anchor: one who waits too long to drop by parachute.

Angels: a term used in airborne radio communications. One angel was 1000…

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