17 Trails Around Britain’s Lost Airfields

As a youngster, I was fascinated by aircraft, the Second World War and the airfields that the brave young men of the RAF and USAAF  flew from. A mixture of nationalities, they gave their lives without hesitation or question.

My interest and love of this period extended to the Cold War, to fast jets and amazing feats of aerobatics that defy logic and gravity. I would badger my parents into visiting a nearby airfield when on holiday, I would stand eyes skyward watching as the roar of a jet came and went. Books were collected, photos gathered and dreams made.

As an adult, I started visiting these old sites, and more recently began the blog chronicling my experiences for those who wish to share them with me.

So far, I have covered 17 trails, which include  over 40 airfields ranging from Lincolnshire to Kent, Norfolk to Northamptonshire. As I travel further afield, my experiences, the people I meet and the stories I find, never fail to amaze me.

Why not come on a voyage of discovery and nostalgia; choose a trail; see what part they played and see what remains of those places today.

Click on the links below to see some of the pages in the site.

Choose your Aviation Trail.

See the memorials to these people.

Read about heroic tales and acts of bravery.

Find out about the inspiration behind my love of aviation, my father.

View the interactive map.

DSC_0025Mepal peri track south of the Airfield

to sort 412


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