Their memories lay in tatters.

Losing more aircraft to accidents than enemy action, in over 170 bombing missions, the 34th never received any unit decorations.

Based at RAF Mendlesham (Station 156) in Suffolk, the memorial is dilapidated and vandalised and the brass plaque has been stolen. Plans are afoot to rectify this, but it takes time and money to honour the fallen.

Mendlesham is part of Trail 15 which tours central Suffolk, England.

RAF Mendlesham

RAF Mendlesham



6 thoughts on “Their memories lay in tatters.

      • There is something terribly sad about an old airfield. I regularly visit the International Helicopter Museum in Weston Super Mare and its built on what was RAF Locking later Weston-Super-Mare airport. There are vast areas of runway and a dilapidated buildings and (excuse me for getting soppy here) but you can just see the ghosts of what it once was. Its something that only happens to the aviation enthusiast and its powerful.


      • That’s one of the reasons I visit these places, because they are so atmospheric and so full of history. The old buildings and runways that once carried so many young men to the final days are all we have left. There is something eerie about standing on an old piece of concrete knowing heavy bombers rumbled along It many years ago. One day, those that are left will be gone and we will have nothing more than books and film to remember those dark dark days. If you have photos and the time, I would love a guest blog post. No pressure!

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      • If your willing and have the time, sure that would be really great. If you do, please add a link to your own blog. Have a think about it and let me know I’d be only too pleased.


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