Airmen’s Bar at 15th century Swan Hotel at Lavenham, Suffolk

Walk in the footsteps of airmen, the Swan at Lavenham holds a remarkable record of their presence during world war 2.


The US Air Force and UK service personnel stationed near Lavenham, Suffolk during World War II have long departed but their names remain on the walls of the Old Bar in the 15th century Swan Hotel, which they frequented.

The Swan @ Lavenham

Renamed the Airmen’s Bar, it’s full of their memorabilia including photographs, military cap badges and shoulder titles alongside autographs written on the walls, making it an inspiring setting to relax over a drink or two, or enjoy a light meal. A picture of the 8th Air Force commander General Frederick Castle, whose headquarters was in nearby Bury St Edmunds, is still hanging in the bar.

The Swan @ Lavenham

The writing on the wall includes the names of the servicemen who took up the challenge of downing a 3.5 pint boot of ale and how long it took them; the record seems to be an amazing 40 seconds held by WH Culling!  Many of…

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