A B26 – that holds a remarkable record…

B-26B of the 449th BS (322ndBG)  – ‘Flak Bait‘  – went on to complete a total of 207 missions; more than any other American aircraft during World War II, a record only surpassed by a DH Mosquito of the RAF. This aircraft returned to United States after the war and is now housed in the Smithsonion National Air and Space Museum as a reminder and memorial.

Station 468, Bury St Edmunds (RAF Rougham) is now a museum and small active airfield that pays homage to the crews of the USAAF. Visit Trail 16 and see what remains.

Photo by MSGT Bernard Leroy Oligschlaeger (1921-1976) USAAF – Gunner/Radioman in 394th BG/586th BS


4 thoughts on “A B26 – that holds a remarkable record…

      • It was a B.IX serial number LR503. It flew 213 missions only to crash 2 days after VE Day on a public relations flight. I will try and get enough stuff together for an article and acknowledge you for putting me onto it.


      • You have a fair bit to go on there. I have managed to trace LR504 the tenth production B.IX that flew a total of 200 missions, but nothing on LR503. There must be some records of it about as it holds a pretty prestigious record. I look forward to the posting.

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