Cold and unhomely, it was home to 2000 personnel

The admin blocks were designed to accommodate 1,845 men and 250 women, in a large area to the south of the airfield. Tuddenham had a total of 12 administration and technical areas spread across the entire site. Hurriedly built, the accommodation blocks were unheated, cold and un-homely“.

RAF Tuddenham, located in the western side of Suffolk, close by to RAF Mildenhall, one of the USAF’s busiest bases, was home to Stirlings and Lancasters of RAF Bomber command. They suffered heavy losses in the bombing campaign over europe.

Visit Tuddenham today in Trail 16.


Tuddenham village sign depicts a Lancaster of 90 Squadron RAF flying overhead.

4 thoughts on “Cold and unhomely, it was home to 2000 personnel

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