One of the lowest loss records of the Mighty Eighth……

By the time the war had finished, the 490th had completed 158 missions losing only 22  aircraft in combat; one of the lowest records in the whole of the Eighth Airforce. Immediately after cessation of the conflict,  the 490th continued to fly, supplying food and supplies to the people in the Netherlands and other humanitarian operations involving allied POWs across Europe.

The 490th also had another less salubrious claim to fame…


RAF Eye, Suffolk



2 thoughts on “One of the lowest loss records of the Mighty Eighth……

  1. Nose arts…

    Thia one is interesting

    They don’t come very much more blatant than this one – at least not in the European Theatre of Operations. The title of Cowan’s voluptuous rendering of a nude brunette alludes to the going rate for the “working girls” of London’s Piccadilly, otherwise known as the “Piccadilly Commandos”. How this one escaped the censors when other nose art designs, far less explicit, were given the order to “clean up or clean off” remains a mystery. By the time this B17G landed in England in mid october 1944, much of the more explicit nose art seen in early months of the war had been hurriedly amended, usually with hastily painted underwear or a large “censored” splashed across offending areas. Another survivor of the air war of Germany, this B17 headed back to the USA on 9th July 1945 and ultimate scrapping at RFC Kingman.


    • This is a fascinating collection of nose art and until recently, I was unaware of censorship of such adornments. Why or how these got through is a mystery, maybe by then concerns were more about the war effort than the odd naked lady on the side of an bomber.

      Thanks for the links, a good reference site that’s building.

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