For you, RCAF Rear Gunner, Sgt Edward “Ted” Salmon aka Poppa

A wonderful account of an airman’s capture and how letters and artefacts brought the people behind them together once more.

Nicole's Notebook of Random Thoughts and Stories


“War, Germany, Action”

100 years ago,August 4, 1914,when Big Ben struck 11am, the men arose from the table. 20 minutes later, the English war telegram was dispatched with the words “War, Germany, Action” and Great Britain found itself at war with the Empire of Germany.

100 years later, I find myself standing in the Canadian Warplane Museum waiting for the Canadian Lancaster, affectionately called “Vera”, to take off on a historicflight to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, RAF Coningsby,England. There are only 2airworthy Lancasters in the world and Iam so privileged to have grown up with one practically in mybackyard. Although, my appreciation of the Lancaster began long before the Lancaster had arrived in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It began with my grandfather- RCAF Rear Gunner, Edward “Ted” Salmon.


22 year old Sgt. Edward Salmon, affectionately called “Sammy” by his crew,was a rear-gunner of a Lancaster bomber in the famous…

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