A ‘truant’ and ‘runaway’, it was unimaginable he would pilot a B-17

“Kermit D. Wooldridge’s future looked dim as a teenager. The troubled youngster was described as truant, incorrigible, and a run-away. He dropped out of high-school. Born to deaf-mute parents who could not control him, he was raised by an uncle in Lubbock and Abernathy, Texas.

Bored and headed for trouble, on July 12, 1934, Kermit Wooldridge, age 17, joined the US Army. No one would have predicted that a few years later he would find himself in the midst of the most important war America would ever fight. It was unimaginable that he would pilot the formidable four-engine heavy bomber – the B-17 Flying Fortress.”

Read about 2nd Lt. Kermit D Wooldridge’s life though his diary. http://wp.me/P4xjD9-oo

Lt. Wooldridge After His Last mission on December 13th 1943


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