Fancy a Trail of Aviation Nostalgia?

Why not visit Britain’s aviation heritage in this summer’s sun. Choose your area using the interactive map or trail number from the drop down menu and wander country lanes filled with beauty and memories of yesteryear.

Walk the paths where paratroopers, ground crews and airmen once stood prior to missions over occupied Europe. See old buildings where bombsights were stored, airmen would sleep or runways scarred with the marks of damaged bombers limping home.

Many of Britain’s Second World War airfields have now become fields of corn, industrial units for small businesses and many have gone altogether. The roar of engines, hustle and bustle, nervous eyes to the sky, are all now but a distant and fading memory. Their impact on the modern world however, more evident and striking than ever.

As developers grab what they can for housing, each day that passes is another ‘nail in the coffin’ for these precious and significant areas of land.

Each trail can be completed in a day; deeper investigation could lead to longer stays but they are all manageable within short time periods. Each trail gives a little history, pictures and views from my own recent visits. Memorials and local museums are all included where possible and make for a fabulous day out, whether visiting old friends or seeing where so many gave their all for our freedom.

For very good reason, Britain’s airfields were built away from towns and cities and this gives for a beautiful drive, walk or cycle through some of England’s finest countryside.

Why not pick a trail and indulge yourself in a little aviation history, …before it’s too late.



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