Interactive map, airfields, museums and memorials

I have added a new interactive map to the blog showing all the airfields, museums and memorials that appear in each trail. Clicking on the relevant icon will reveal a link and photo where available, giving an additional dimension to the site.

As more places are visited additional plots will be made giving further  opportunities to share trails and experiences.

Due to the nature of the map, it is unfortunately optimised for large screens, and so may cause viewing issues on small phones and tablets, this is part of the map design and cannot regrettably be changed at present. By putting your device in ‘landscape’ mode, you may be able to overcome or reduce some of these issues but it is recommended that you use a PC monitor or large screen to view the map.

I hope you enjoy the new map, please do leave feedback, suggestions and comments, so I can continue to improve and update the site.

See the new page here




2 thoughts on “Interactive map, airfields, museums and memorials

  1. Oh wow Andy, this is really great work. It helps with the placement and location of the material. Thanks for doing this. Rgds… Steve


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